On Being Crafty

Sometimes you have a great idea about something you’d like to create. You think about the materials you’ll need, the colors you’ll use and have it all planned out in your head.

Then you’ll gather your supplies and begin your project. Somehow though, your scissors make a detour and that golden heart you imagined turns into a shiny flower. So you think, oh, maybe I’ll make more of those pretty flowers. And soon enough you have bouquet.

In the corner where you planned to glue a cluster of hearts now sits a bunch of flowers. Now that you have flowers, maybe you’ll make some green grass, too.

All of a sudden you have a happy spring day on the cover of your card.

I think it’s nice to have a plan┬ábut it’s also fun to be open to new twists that maybe you hadn’t planned on. That’s what being crafty means to me.