Welcoming a Dear Friend

Last week, I was beyond delighted to welcome one of my best friends to DC. She and I met in college but this super-talented friend of mine earned a Fulbright after graduating so I hadn’t seen her in well over a year.

photo (44)

If you didn’t know, the white building I created out of construction paper is a replica of the Washington Monument. The grass was created out of a strip of green construction paper and attached only from the bottom so that it pops out.

photo (45)

And just for fun, here we are on our first dinner together in DC. I also made a gift bag of some useful and fun things one might need after moving to a new city and presented it with the card. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good shot of it but I think she put it to good use!

Welcome to DC, L! Here’s to many adventures together in the big city!


Belated Diwali

Last week, South Asians across the world celebrated Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. I didn’t get to visit my parents to celebrate, unfortunately, so I sent them the next best thing–a homemade card.

photo (42)

For this card I used bright red and yellow pieces of construction paper, and orange tissue paper for the flames on the candle.

Diwali is one of my favorite Holidays because it asks us to seek light over darkness and to always have hope. May your year be filled with light and love.

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! Today I’m sharing with you the Halloween cards and presents I made for my three nephews, ages 18 months, 23 months, and 8 years.

photo (40)

These cards were made using bright pieces of orange, yellow and black construction paper, and Halloween embellishments, including stickers and decorative pumpkins.

photo (41)

The pumpkin pails include age appropriate gifts, super hero shirts with capes and light up balls for the baby boys, and a Frankenstein  chapter book and Lego set for older brother.

photo (35)

The cards really tied the gifts all together, as you see.

I wish you a delightfully frightful night of Trick-or-Treating!